"I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world."

Tupac Shakur







About Oliver Petty

This short quote by one of the world's most idolized rappers was the start of a movement for Oliver Petty. Currently he stands as one of the youngest professional speakers, educators, and entrepreneurs in the industry. Oliver’s unconventional way of speaking engages his audience, which gives them the ability to relate to him and the power to connect. His tireless drive and perseverance inspires people of all ages, backgrounds and careers to take ownership of their own life and dreams.

"There is no room for excuses, no room for explanations. Our duty is to take ownership and get the job done ..."

It all started at the effortless age of 12, although in Oliver’s life...things weren’t so simple. Living out of multiple motels for most of his youth, Oliver was one out of 14 siblings, 9 of which were from his single, struggling mother. During his youth, Oliver experienced homelessness, lived in foster care, and watched the demons of drug addiction consume both of his parents. While surrounded by the street life...the crazy jungle as he calls it...and no one to look up to, Oliver turned to music. He listened to the words of artists such as Tupac, Jay Z, and Kanye West. All giving him one message: He can be the change.

Through their beats and rhyming lyrics, Oliver used the only accessible words of wisdom to motivate himself and accomplish the unimaginable in his world. He was going to fight for a life worth living for. He made his decision not to follow in his parent’s or peer’s footsteps. He was going to take action of himself, his education, and his future. Oliver embraced the concept that if you follow "the rules of life" by getting your education you would earn a corporate job and live the American Dream. Oliver accomplished just that. He played College football, graduated from Azusa Pacific University in four years with a degree in Political Science and even earned a Masters Degree in Business Management all before the age of 23. He was the first in his family to graduate from college. However, despite the extreme obstacles Oliver was forced to overcome in order to achieve these accomplishments, he still felt empty. Something was missing. In April of 2014, just before turning 24, Oliver found himself working a management position in corporate America. Within six months of sitting in an office all day pushing papers, he began to truly understand that life was worth much more than just a paycheck. Oliver thirsted for something more, he desired to have an impact and change lives. Not just his own, but the lives of others. 

"What good am I to the world if I am the only one from the hood that can change my family’s life?"

Currently, the state of California has the highest poverty rate amongst youth. Oliver was once part of this statistic. No guidance in life, no roadmap in site.

"It's our job, MY job to do everything I can to provide a blueprint. A blueprint to not only make it out of our circumstances but to change the narrative of making it out of the hood."

Oliver believes that our focus as a community needs to progress by taking ownership of improving the inner-city, the ghetto, the hood. This is one of the main issues that drive him and why he has chosen to title his brand: Only Thoughts of Ownership. According to Oliver everything in life requires ownership. It wasn’t until he began to “own” his way of thinking that led Oliver to the true meaning of success at such a young age. He is pursuing his passion and is changing lives across the country.

"The young poor kid from the block has achieved more than the majority of my peers and even elders. Somehow now, I am called to lead them…all due to a shift in mindset."

Within the areas he hails from, Oliver sees a serious problem with dependency, self-awareness and strategic planning which all stem from lack of taking ownership. This is a common trait in the majority of the human population. Oliver’s method is to teach others to shift their mindsets. If you can change person’s way of thinking, then you can tap into their feelings and emotions, which will naturally redirect their actions and you ultimately dictate the end result!

Once sitting with Oliver, you will feel the spark. It will drive you from within to accomplish things in your life that you had never imagined possible. Believe in yourself, take a chance, and take ownership.

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