It's Ok 2 Dream Tour

The primary objective of the It’s Ok To Dream Tour is to address the most prevalent obstacles that an alarming amount of students constantly face, which are adversity, lack of imagination and low self-belief. Studies show that children between the ages of three and five score in the 98 percentile for imagination, which is considered the genius category. By the time that child turns eight years old, that number drops to 32 percent meaning a child’s imagination disintegrates close to 70 percent in just 3 years. By the time that same child becomes a teenager it drops to 10 percent. As parents, educators and coaches, one question we ask all students is what would they like to be when they grow up. Instead, try choosing a more catalytic approach by asking questions such as, what would you like to start, create, or own. Questions constructed as such encourage healthy yet active dreaming and serve as small deposits into their creative imagination. Our presentation will assist in sparking the flame through connecting a few key foundational tools and simply educating the students on how to become the best versions of themselves. We appreciate your partnership with Only Thoughts of Ownership in efforts to fan this flame into a roaring blaze.


  • To give real life tools and examples of how to overcome adversity, lack of imagination and low self-belief.
  • Espouse the concept of imagination compelling the student body to believe that it’s okay to dream.

Key Points:

  • Faith - Belief
  • Imagination
  • Self awareness
  • Success Iceberg
  • Win Today
  • Fear
  • Perseverance
  • OWO

Package Information

Please review the packages we have to offer for the "It's Ok 2 Dream Tour". Contact for rates and fees.

Bronze Package

  • 60 minute Presentation
  • Q&A Session

Gold Package

  • 60 minute Presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • 50 signed copies of Oliver's New Book, Win Today!

Platinum Package

  • 60 minute Presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • 60 minute breakout session with 30 students of your choice
  • 100 total copies of Oliver's New Book, Win Today! 
  • Book Signing

*Packages subject to Change

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